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About us at LomaSiiva


Capturing the voice of the indigenous people. Loma Siiva has its origins in the Hopi Language. The literal translation is Hill Metal.
This refers to the artistry and craftsmanship you find in all our creations. Fine creations with high attention to detail are the cornerstones of Loma Siiva.

Loma Siiva is dedicated to helping Native artists make a living through their talent; protecting the artistry associated with the various tribes and educating the public about authentic Native American art.

Our pieces are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). The COA includes the artists name, tribal affiliation and the SKU number so you may search your item through our website.  You will also receive a Warranty which you may register online for your peace of mind.

Our goal is to offer economic opportunities to Native American artists and to share with the general public the history and stories of Native America.  By creating artwork that is reflective of the culture and traditions of the Native American people we are able to offer our Buyers the opportunity to share in the rich Native American heritage.  

Designs using turquoise, silver, copper, brass and nickel are shaped by hand and created from scratch.  An artist will take a plate of metal cut it to size, embellish it with the selected designs, insert the proper stones and finish with a beautiful luster.

We guarantee the stones and material used in the piece.  For example, to the casual observer silver and nickel look the same but, silver is a precious metal where nickel is not. Most of our work is in silver however, if a piece is made from nickel we will disclose that fact.  

We verify the tribal enrollment of our artists.  This allows us to issue a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) which documents the artist and their tribal affiliation.  It is against Federal Law to depict yourself as an artist of a specific tribe if you are not an enrolled member or a certified artist of that tribe.  The COA is further insurance to the Buyers that they are receiving a genuine authentic Native made piece of art. The COA also includes the SKU number so the Buyer can search their piece on our online store.

By creating a relationship with the artists we are able to create a relationship with our Buyers.  Bridging the societies of differing ways of life.

Native American jewelry can be worn and cherished in the hustle and bustle of city life. It may also offer a reminder to the wearer of the philosophies of the Native American people.  Thus creating a larger dialogue for all people.

The COA, guarantee of materials used, relationships with artists and the general public while telling the stories associated with the designs is a reflection of our philosophy of creating an economic opportunity for and an education about Native American people.

Our online store shares information on our artists it also houses our compliance library which has information on various topics of interest.

We appreciate your patronage and look forward to future business with you.